Teen pregnancy is not a stereotype!

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Teen pregnancy is not a stereotype….I know that because I am a pregnant teen and I’m far from a stereotype.

We are all our own individual people and our stories are all different.  To your surprise none of us fit the typical stereotype.  None of us were drunk at a party and forgot to use protection, none of us were taking drugs and thought that would be effective birth control, none of us were going from guy to guy.  Most of us were with our boyfriends, missed our period and found we a special surprise on the way.

Yes I do still attend high school.  How?  Through a program attached to local high school for teenage mothers.  This program allows me to attend school and for my child to attend daycare at the school, which helps me complete high school and graduate. It provides me with support networks and services.  To be the best mum I can be just like anyone else, because I AM just like anyone else, just a little younger than them.

We all know our ‘baby daddy’s’ and when people ask, 1. If we know the dad is & 2. If we’re still with them?  It does annoy us quite a bit.  As no one really wants to ask as they know its rude, but they are curious and end up asking anyway.  I’m not sure why people ask the questions, but sometimes it can be quite hurtful and just because I’m younger than usual mums and people feel the need to ask if I am with the dad, should it matter? NO Does it matter? YES.

When I’m in public and people are staring, pointing and whispering, thinking we don’t notice, it’s offensive and hurtful.  I’m told to enjoy pregnancy, take it all in and love the attention I get, but when the only attention I get is negative I become quite self conscious. I can’t even get a seat on public transport if I’m in my school uniform even though I’m 36 weeks pregnant and look like I have a watermelon under my shirt.

I will admit, I am one of the most fortunate girls to have a baby at this age as I have been very well connected with support, having family members support me and my boyfriend is excited for the baby, I am lucky.  Donations have come in everywhere, but others are not so fortunate.  Having to start their lives again, buy everything with little money and not alway have full support.

That’s why teens who are mums or mums-to-be need the community, some support close by even just a friendly person on the bus or if you have baby stuff you know you don’t need, donate it.  We indulge in any small thing we get, as it helps us so much.

I would like to thank all those people who do support us, all those people who don’t whisper and tell rumours.  You are the people who help us get through the rough days.  We appreciate your support and I ask you to keep it up as you don’t realise how much your helping.

Teenage mother – aged 16.