“Congratulations you are going to be a mother”

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“Congratulations you are going to be a mother” were the words that echoed through out the room as the doctor confirmed my pregnancy. As I sat there trying to process what he had just said, my teenage brain couldn’t comprehend what it actually all meant.

22 years later I can still remember those words like it was yesterday.

Have you ever had someone say something to you that stopped you in your tracks or left you speechless as you tried to process what they had just said?

Sometimes it’s just a few small words that can have a lasting effect or change the direction of your life.

Twenty-two years ago, a scared seventeen year old gave birth to a beautiful little girl without having any idea or a single plan. In those early years I had to learn how to be a mother, friend and mentor whilst also growing up myself.

On days of retrospect, a big smile comes across my face looking back at the amazing journey over the past 22 years despite all the negative words and seeds of doubts that were spoken over me when becoming first pregnant. I was told “You have stuffed your life”, “You will never amount to anything” and “Your life is over”. Yes, deciding to be a teen mother was not the easiest path, but my life was certainly not over. I now know that there is no reason that a teenage mother will not go on to have a wonderful, fulfilling life as well as her child. My daughter and I are living testimonies to that.

Life as a teenage mother has certainly had its challenges, as well as many blessings along the way and I am so proud of the beautiful woman that my daughter has become. She is incredibly kind, smart, giving and loving and has such a bright and wonderful future ahead of her. As for myself, I have come through being strengthened, filled with compassion whilst learning to be resilient and lean on those around me for support.

A Brave Life has been birthed out of my own heart and passion to see teenage mothers live a life of hope and fulfilment. I am extremely passionate about encouraging, educating & empowering young women/teenage mothers to dream big and to LIVE LIFE BRAVE.

Whether you’re a teenage mother or a young woman we want you to know that your future is bright and filled with lots of wonderful opportunities.

Love always,

Mel (Founder of A Brave life)