Hello, welcome to A Brave Life.

We are excited to bring A Brave Life into your world.

At A Brave Life we are passionate about equipping, empowering and encouraging young mums to dream big and to LIVE LIFE BRAVE.

A Brave life was founded in 2015 and is a registered Not-for-Profit charity providing a person-centred, positive approach with achievable outcomes to meet the practical needs of young mother’s from a physical, emotional and educational perspective.  


A Brave Life focuses on two areas –

  • Walking alongside young mothers, whilst encouraging them to finish their education, pursue their dreams & to be a positive role model for their child. 
  • Providing essential baby items to young mothers through our baby bundle program.

Our hope is that through A Brave Life, you realise that you are destined for a purpose that exceeds your past and current situations. 

Always remember to Be Brave, Be Kind and always Be You.

The social stigma of being a young parent is, unfortunately, being felt by many young mothers today.

Although many young women find raising a child to be a positive and rewarding experience, the social issues that can be linked to having a child at a young age, include:

The young woman not being able to finish her education, which can lead to long-term unemployment or job options that are not secure or well paid.

Being dependent on welfare or on a job that is not well paid, putting the young woman under more financial pressure, which often leads to poor housing arrangements and not being able to afford basic necessities.

A lack of acceptance, support and understanding from the young woman’s family and friends and being more at risk than older mothers of maternal mental health issues, such as postnatal depression, possibly due to a lack of support, being isolated from friends and family, or financial pressures.

Our aim at A Brave Life is to reduce the social stigma that surrounds young mums and to provide a greater sense of belonging and acceptance.


“The girls at Aspire love receiving the baby bundles from A Brave Life.
For a lot of these girls this is the first gift they have received for their new baby.
The girls really appreciate the mentors from A Brave Life volunteering their
time to visit with them.  Their openness and ability to relate to young mums
provides a forum for a very open and honest discussion where everyone
is valued and valuable advice is given to the girls.  A Brave Life is an asset
to the Aspire Program” – Juliette Aspire Coordinator

“The information given when I was pregnant, the personal stories that the
mentors shared and the way they made us feel like, even though we’re
young mothers that we can make something of ourselves, is what I have
enjoyed most about their visits”  – Aspire young mother