a brave life

Equips & empowers
vulnerable mothers

Facing a broad range of challenges

Introducing A Brave Life

A Brave Life equips and empowers vulnerable mothers facing a broad range of challenges such as domestic violence, poverty, trauma, relationship or family breakdown, unplanned pregnancy and homelessness.

We can’t change their past. But our early interventions enable vulnerable mums to forge
a better future for themselves and their babies.

a brave life

Welcome to A Brave Life

We’re a grassroots charity with a big vision.

We’re here to help vulnerable mothers like you to break out of entrenched and challenging cycles to forge a better, healthier, more stable life for yourself and your children.

Many vulnerable mums have had a rough journey. You may have had a difficult childhood yourself or have had a distressing relationship with your baby’s father. You may have survived domestic violence or be dealing with mental health challenges or insecure housing.

Whatever’s happened in your life up to this point, we’re here to help you get back on your feet, develop life and parenting skills, complete your education and find employment to support your independence.



Providing essential items through our Baby Bundle Program


Mentoring, coaching, skills development, pathways to education and employment.



Walking alongside vulnerable mums, affirming your worth, inspiring you to dream, celebrating your accomplishments.

At A Brave Life, we encourage you to see that you’re destined for a purpose that exceeds your past and current situations.

We’ve already walked in your shoes

Hi, I’m Melissa. I founded A Brave Life in 2015 to help vulnerable women who’d already had to handle many adverse circumstances and were now facing an unplanned pregnancy.

My experience may sound very familiar to you. It’s echoed constantly in the
research literature.

Here goes.

I grew up in a home with domestic violence, which meant I had to overcome many challenges from a very young age. In my last year of high school, I found out I was pregnant. I was only 16.