life live brave

Hello, welcome to A Brave Life,

We are excited to bring A Brave Life into your world.

At A Brave Life we are passionate about encouraging and empowering young women to know their worth, to dream big and to LIVE LIFE BRAVE.

A Brave life focuses on two areas –

  • Educating young women on healthy relationships and preventing teenage pregnancy.
  • For teenagers who are already pregnant or a teen mum, A Brave Life aims to walk alongside whilst encouraging them to finish their education, pursue their dreams and to be a positive role model.

Here, we are able to share life experiences that strengthen and direct young women away from paths of pain, regret and heartache; leading them into lives that bring healing, safety, wholeness and a sense of identity.

Our hope is that through A Brave Life, you realise that you are destined for a purpose that exceeds your past and current situations. You are worth more than you know.

Always remember to Be Brave, Be Kind and always Be You. Because you matter