Sponsor a Nappy Bag for a young mum


We believe that no mother should be without the essentials that she needs for her newborn baby.

Unfortunately many young mums-to-be are arriving to hospital with no Nappy Bag for their newborn baby, so we have launched our 500 Bundles for 500 Newborns project to see that 300 young mums across Brisbane have a brand new Nappy Bag for their newborn.

So we need your help.

At A Brave Life we believe in gifting good quality and safe baby products to teenage & young mothers, under the age of 21 who are having their first baby. Our baby bundles are designed for a young mother to arrive at the hospital with all the essentials needed for her newborn baby.

Through our Baby Bundle program we partner with young parent programs, maternity social work departments and community organisations to ensure our Baby Bundles go directly to young women in need.  Our Baby Bundles are gifted to young women who are facing a broad range of challenges such as poverty, domestic violence, trauma, relationship/family breakdowns, unplanned pregnancy and homelessness.

By sponsoring a brand new Nappy Bag for a young mum-to-be you will be partnering with us to see 500 Bundles for 500 Newborns reached in your community.

If you would like to have you name placed on one of our A Brave Life cards that goes inside the Nappy Bag please let us know in the “instructions” section.  

Once you have sponsored a Nappy Bag on behalf of a young mum-to-be you will receive one of our beautiful hand designed THANK YOU Certificates to display in your home or work place.

Thank you for partnering with A Brave Life to see that young mothers have the essentials they need for their newborn baby.

** PLEASE NOTE – These Nappy Bags are not available to purchase for personal use, they are gifted on your behalf via A Brave Life. You will receive a THANK YOU certificate only.



500 Bundles for 500 Newborns

Sponsor a brand new nappy bag today.

Your purchase will allow us to gift a brand new Nappy Bag on your behalf to a young mum-to-be in your community.

(Please note that these Nappy Bags are not for individual purchase they are gifted on your behalf by A Brave Life)



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