Birthing Tree Cosmetic/Toiletry Bag


A Brave Life has partnered with Brooke Sutton, a contemporary Indigenous artist from the Kalkadoon people from the Mount Isa area in Queensland. This is Brooke’s interpretation of “Artii Nganthi” which means in the Kalkadoon language “Birthing Tree”.

For generation upon generation dating back thousands and thousands of years women have given birth to their young under the sacred branches of birthing tree’s. For these women, the tree is a place of knowledge a place where they give life and a place where they breathe life.

In my painting, the largest community symbol represents the places that these young women gather to give birth, with the large U symbols representing the women and the butterflies throughout the painting representing new life.

The handprints in the painting represent the support that the young women and mothers receive from A Brave Life during their pregnancy and after birth.

The smaller community symbols throughout the painting with travelling lines between them represent the unique journey of each young mother and their journey throughout life.

All sales from these bags, go directly to supporting vulnerable mothers and their newborns in Queensland.

Please note, the print on the cosmetic/toiletry bags is from a commissioned piece of artwork done by Brooke Sutton. It is not to be copied or used without permission from A Brave Life and Brooke Sutton.