LIVE LIFE BRAVE Mentoring Program

The LIVE LIFE BRAVE Mentoring program provides peer support & mentoring to young mothers who are completing their high school education. Commenced in 2015 with one-on-one and group mentoring sessions, all our mentors have personal lived experience which means that they relate to the individuals they work with. Our program is a school based program designed for young mothers who are completing high school.

We believe education is empowering. Completing high school and pursuing further education and/or employment is beneficial to both mother and child, as it creates confidence and a sense of independence. Throughout the LIVE LIFE BRAVE program young mothers will not only be able to navigate the obstacles and challenges associated with finishing high school but they will be equipped with life skills that will enable them to pursue their dreams and to be a positive role model for their child. 

The LIVE LIFE BRAVE Mentoring Program provides a person-centred, positive approach with achievable outcomes to meet the practical needs of young mother’s from a physical, emotional and educational perspective. We do this by sharing our lived experience and providing unique and complimentary strength-based services.

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High School, Brisbane“We have had ten students go through this program, most of which have been young mothers who have had little or no support. The students have walked away from this program with a stronger support network, increased engagement in school and a confidence in the skills needed to be a mother. Some of the things the students have taken away have been learning how to have positive and healthy relationships, how to live and budget as an independent student, accomplishing goals and finishing school” 

2017, High School Graduate – “A Brave Life has helped me see that even though I am a young mum I can still achieve everything I’ve ever wanted to and that they will be there to support me either way. A Brave Life was one of the biggest reasons I was able to graduate high school, even after finishing school they’ve still continued to support me in anyway that they can”.

2018, High School Graduate – “A Brave Life is the reason I continued to pursue my dreams and aspirations after becoming a mum.  Being told I was amazing and that I could do anything if I tried, pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me believe I was more that just the stigma of a ‘young mum’.

2019, Current Year 12 Student – “From a students perspective A Brave Life has definitely changed my outlook not only towards my education by my life in general.  As a student who couldn’t see my future beaming so bright, A Brave Life has helped me with tutoring, mentoring and guidance. I now see my future brighter and the support this organisation provides young mums is outstanding”.