Life Skills Program

The A Brave Life – Life Skills program operates in the Moreton Bay Region for young women aged 15-25 years old.

Meeting fortnightly teenage and young mothers have the opportunity to take part in the 6-month program that enables them to access various professionals, other community enterprises, skills workshops, certificates and health care professionals. Alongside this, they will also be able to engage in a person-centred and judgement-free supportive environment with social peers and be given open pathways to various education and employment streams that A Brave Life has partnered with.

An integration of topical sessions, guest speakers, individual and group workshop are the framework of this program. Topical sessions/seminars cover a variety of topics such as child health/parenting programs, legal/DV services, tertiary options, sexual health, Barista courses and much more.

Throughout our Life Skills program, teenage and young mothers will be able to build social connections within the Moreton Bay Region, whilst being equipped to develop their own inner resources to sustain an independent life within the community and raise the future generations. 

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