Healthy Relationships Matter

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We all want to feel loved, accepted and that we matter to someone – why? Because it is in our DNA, it is how we are hardwired in life. Yet, how much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice in order to feel these things?

When a relationship is purely physical, its time to look at this relationship and ask – “Am I worth more?”

Here are just a few signs of a healthy relationship –

I feel loved

I feel safe & secure

I am able to be honest

I am valued

I am respected

I am free to have an opinion

I feel confident in who I am

I am trusted

I am happy

I am heard when I say NO

I am supported

I am encouraged

I am free to spend time with my friends & family

I am free to make my own choices

If the relationship you are in isn’t healthy, I encourage you to speak to your parents or a safe adult about it. Get some advice, a different perspective or to even just talk it through.

When you start to value yourself and see yourself as someone of worth, you will begin to realise that you deserve to be in a healthy relationship.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where we consistently feel the pressure to conform, compete, compare and compromise. Young people who would rather be in an unhealthy relationship then no relationship at all. We all want to “fit” in and have that special person by our side, but at what cost?

You deserve to be loved, accepted and wanted for who you are and not for what someone can get from you.  Choose today to see how beautiful, strong, brave, wonderful, and loved beyond measure you are.

Because you matter!