Baby Bundle Program


“No mother should be without the essentials she needs for her newborn baby”

At A Brave Life we believe in gifting good quality and safe baby products to young mothers under the age of 25, who are having their first baby.  Though our Baby Bundle program we partner with Young Parent Programs, Maternity Social Work Departments and community organisations by gifting baby bundles filled with essential items such as nappies, wipes, baby wash and newborn clothing.  Our Baby Bundles are designed for a young mother to arrive at the hospital with all the essentials needed for her newborn baby.

We have been fortunate to receive baby bundles from A Brave Life for the young women and their babies that we support. Each bundle is thoughtfully prepared with an amazing range of practical and quality items for new babies. The feedback we receive from young women is glowing. For many young women they are items beyond their financial means and is quite a luxury. Most of the young women use the bundles as their hospital bag, letting us know that they feel well prepared for the birth and hospital stay” – Young Parent Program.

LIVE LIFE BRAVE Mentoring Program


The LIVE LIFE BRAVE Mentoring program provides peer support & mentoring to young mothers who are completing their high school education. Commenced in 2016 with one-on-one and group mentoring sessions, all our mentors have personal lived experience which means that they relate to the individuals they work with and help them overcome the barriers that so often stand in the way of teenage mothers completing high school and pursing further education or employment.  

We believe education is empowering. Completing high school and pursuing further education and/or employment is beneficial to both mother and child, as it creates confidence and a sense of independence. Throughout the LIVE LIFE BRAVE program teenage mothers will not only be able to navigate the obstacles and challenges associated with finishing high as a young mother but they will be equipped with life skills that will enable them to pursue their dreams and to be a positive role model for their child.

“We have had ten students go through this program, most of which have been young teen mothers who have had little or no support. The students have walked away from this program with a stronger support network, increased engagement in school and a confidence in the skills needed to be a mother. Some of the things the students have taken away have been learning how to have positive and healthy relationships, how to live and budget as an independent student, cooking nutritious meal for their babies, accomplishing goals and finishing school” – Learning College Brisbane.

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Dare to Dream Big Workshop



Coming to you in 2019 our Dare to Dream Big workshops will be available for girls in grade 7 -12.